She sighs , she seeks

from a time unknown
one we'll never seek 
the peace they hold
didn't come at ease 

the win, the sun;
against pillowy cheeks 

so much to comprehend, 
beyond this celestial being

sigh, she rests, 
after several weeks 

hopes to find herself, 
amongst misty dreams 

it's here we realise 
our true place 
and now small we really seem 

and in that moment 
with the diamonds above her head 
and the grain beneath her feet 

she forgives herself
for the wait, 
and falls to her knees

Is it what it seems?

'a long way to go'
'a difficult fight to fight'
what really makes our perception of time?

seems like a while?
worth less than a dime

you aren't seeing it
as if it's mine

length and power
distance and path

what is really in our control?

is that purple really what you see?
or maybe it's black... 
perhaps even gold.

anger at its brim
but you have control

do you want to boil
or let the city un-see such roar?

time equals pennies
but only if you chime

why play a game of chess
when you can make
the blocks of silver and grey
your path in life?

Piece of Perth

a sense of home 
away from your own 

frost of the unknown
fading away
along with superficial touch

the warmth of your friendship,
your heart
our souls

suburbia resides 
in your palms

we're intertwined 
our spirits, 

feelings of things as mine 
remained foreign
until i was blessed with a friendship 
so fine

not always on the same page,
but it's better this way,
being ahead -
helps the other find the way

tears of comfort 
mixed with pain 
i'm ensured 
in you, i can have faith 

you might not see it this way
perhaps i'm making it much deeper

and i'll admit in some sense
it's due to vain

but our paths crossed over 
and we were given this chance to grow together 

so regardless of the future, 
i'll hold this moment, 
my emotions, 
this feeling in,